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selection of short films ranging from the beginning of cinema to the present day, from horror to comedy to animation accompanied by

some members of Non Toxic Orchestra.

Confirmed shorts:
Alice in Wonderland (1903)
Melies – Christmas Dream
Un Chien Andalou
Jacques Drouin-Mindscape (1976) and many more

A must see show – ONE NIGHT ONLY – our last show this year and probably last show in these premises.

Come to say good bye in style.

Some music is created for the movies some will be improvised. It will be a show you will tell you grandchildren about, ok we are getting carried away here…

Homemade food and drink during the intermission with a surprise cake by the artist baker Veronika. We will give away many DVD’s of films shown this year at The Deja View or the Visegrad Film Fetival.

We will update you in the upcoming days with more short films and details about the event.

GUEST TALK: ‘I travelled around the world on an 1960’s Skoda MB’

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A very special guest is coming to Camden Palace on Saturday the 21st of November – MICHAL VICAR.
Michal on his first visit to to Ireland and heading straight to the real capital that is Cork will deliver an interesting, funny and an insightfull talk about his and his cousins journey around the world in a communist Czechoslovakia cult classic car,
the 1960’s Skoda 1000MB.
Supported with lots of great photographs and videos and his natural witt, he will deliver the whole talk in English for the first time.
Ireland is one of the few countries that Michal did not visit so we hope you guys will show him the famous warm Irish Welcome.
THE STORY (or a legend by now):
Michal and his Slovak cousin Martin both without any knowledge about cars bought an old 1960’s Skoda 1000MB and decided on an impossible quest. To drive the car around the world in 6 months to be back in time for college. You know they made it since he is giving this talk but if you would say it to someone before hand they would laugh you out. And several mechanics did just that. But their desire for an adventure was strong and the fact they did not have a clue about cars could have played a role in their determination as well. Michal was a psychology major at the time and Martin a journalist student and despite the scepticism, they gave the car the name “Julia” and set of on this amazing journey. Corrupt Russian police, mexican peyotl, honest thieves, car crash and many other experinces later they arrived back to Europe.
The Deja View Cinema Club will provide some traditional Czech snacks on the night and maybe even some homemade liquid Goodness to keep us all warm. Following Michal’s talk which will be about an hour long will be special film screening. Film will be announced next week.