The Deja View is an art house cineclub in the heart of Cork City showing independent, underground and cult classic films every WEDNESDAY at 8pm.

Aim of The Deja View is to build an art house experience, making it feel like a mixture of the old cinema visits with a homely atmosphere. Before the main film starts, while the audience is looking for a place to sit, compilation of shorts, TED talks, vintage commercials and animations are screening, always handpicked with the main feature in mind. We are always eager to support  local filmmakers that is why there is an open submission for short films or videos. At the same time we love to support other artists as well and are often integrating other media in to our events for example through our popular guerrilla exhibitions. They are exhibitions by local artists based on the movie shown that night created the same night and only displayed for few days. The Exhibitions spaces are part of the foyer and are used for regular exhibitions as well.

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Movies are always introduced by curator or a guest speaker. Introduction is mostly about shedding bit of a background on the film, the director or the general theme if it is needed. The programme is bimonthly, each organized through a theme which can be a genre like horror or sci-fi or something more specific like a one location films.

We often collaborate with other resident artist groups in Camden Palace most notably The Darkroom,  linking these close media of film and photography together via exhibitions, guest talks and film screenings. Our next big collaboration will be our taking part in the Cork Photo Fringe, the biggest all-city photography exhibition in Cork throughout the month of July. In that particular month all out films will be closely linked to photography.

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The Deja View Cineclub is based in Camden Palace Hotel, a local art community centre. Located on the banks of the Lee in the heart of Cork city centre, Camden Palace Hotel has been providing space and facilities to artists since 2009. Incorporating fields as diverse as painting, theatre, dance, film-making, music and photography, to name but a few, Camden Palace Hotel encourages and facilitates creative experimentation, idea sharing and collaboration amongst artists of all disciplines. We aim to encourage creative partnerships and collaboration between, artists, individuals, business, community groups and other public bodies, as well as to promote social inclusion and diversity through actively encouraging access and participation to all. Camden Palace Hotel is an independent non profit arts centre, currently receiving zero funding, it is a self sufficient entity helped along by public donations and the hard work of volunteers.


We do collect 5Eur for the tickets in the form of strongly suggested donation, which is going all to a fund made for running the place.


At 7PM we also open the Café with a small sitting area where guests can purchase specialty teas and coffees and some free homemade food inspired by the main feature film. We also do a “Tea of the Week”, special herbal tea again inspired by the film shown.

IMG_2442 IMG_5017

All flyers and posters are designed by the graphic designer Veronika Zemekova.

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