Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising (the biggest people uprising in WW2 against the German occupation) The Deja View – Camden Palace Hotel Screening Club together with the Slovak Embassy in Dublin prepared for you a night with Slovak culture and a special screening of the film ‘Vlčie diery‘, film set in WW2 with authentic scenes from the Uprising directed by Palo Bielik.

We will have a very special guest attending – Tomi Reichental. Tomi is a Slovak Jew who was taken to the concentration camp at the age of 9 together with his brother. Last 40 years he has been living in Dublin and only recently he decided to share his story with the world, for which he has our huge respect and gratitude. His father heroically fought in the actual Uprising as well. We are very happy that he can attend and he also kindly promised to give a little talk before the film.

The movie was provided to us by the Slovak Embassy in Dublin thanks to the big help of the Slovak Ambassador Dusan Matulay, who will be also attending and who will also bring a very special treat – the authentic Slovak wine Tokaj.

The girls from Slovak Point Cork, the ethnic food shop on Lewitt’s Quay will almost traditionally now provide some free Slovak snacks and we will also have some free homemade Slovak food for you.

The whole night will be in the spirit of celebrating the victory against Hitler (even though the Uprising did not finish in a victory), through the eyes of the Slovak culture but all nationalities are welcome same as many nationalities helped in the Uprising in 1944. Every one can relate to the little man that will raise up in the times of need against the injustice on his peers.

All this just for the donation of 5Eur (tickets will be sold at the gate to the cinema). You will need the ticket only for the talk and the movies, for the rest of the event the donation is voluntary.

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