04.02.-01.04. – ANIMATION theme


Hello everyone!

Welcome back to our brand new season after our long winter sleep. It has been a year since we started our cinematic adventure together and to celebrate our anniversary – the nice people at Camden Palace allowed a free Friday screening. It was a tough decision but in the end we went with Black Cat, White Cat film by Emir Kusturica whose other film Underground was our first movie last year when we started. So we thought it is fitting. It is also one of the directors most light hearted movies and therefore a perfect candidate for a Friday evening. Just to bring people together again and let Cork know that we are back. And hopefully they missed us.

our long winter sleep

Our long winter sleep.                              photo by Weegee, ‘Woman Sleeping in a Movie Theater

And now for our new season. We will start with all things animation. This form of filmmaking has been lately dominated by Disney and Pixar and created an impression that animation is for children. Granted they are few exceptions, but the key word is few. One such exception is Persepolis (shown 11.2.2015) or Waltz with Bashir . In our next program we will concentrate on animation they were made with adults in mind.

Here goes the list:

04.02. – Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926) by Lotte Reiniger

with LIVE score by ‘Non Toxic Orchestra’

11.02. – Persepolis (2007) by Vincent Paronnaud and Marjane Satrapi

18.02. – Heavy Traffic (1973) by Ralph Bakshi

25.02. – La planète sauvage (Fantastic Planet, 1973) by Rene Laloux

04.03. – Le Roman de Renard (The Tale of the Fox, 1930) by Irene and Wladyslaw Starewicz

11.03. – Waking Life (2001) by Richard Linklater

18.03. – AniMoving Poetry – screening of short animated videopoems intertwined with LIVE readings by local poets

25.03. – The Anthology of Polish animation – on the occasion of Polish-Irish festival

01.04. – Mononoke-hime (Princess Mononoke 1997) by Hayao Miyazaki

We are hoping you will keep showing us your support simply by showing up. Feel free to comment with questions or suggestions.

Bellow is our program as a flyer

Our flyer

Our flyer

Have a amazing cinematic experience

The Deja View team

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